Minions of Knyto

Click on the image above to see more about the development of Knyto. 

The bad guys started out with paper sketches that were no more than 1 to 2 minute doodles. We found that on the limited budget we most likely wouldn't be able to produce something very effective in terms of makeup prosthetics So we decided to go with something that would be menacing by making you make up what they are under the mask.

At the same time of doing the head, I was making different designs for the full figure. At the time we had a medieval theme just to give me ideas about interesting shapes for the character design. I wanted it to be lots of mesh and cloth layered on top of armor like skin and electronic coverings. I wanted it to look like these guys couldn't stand the outside atmosphere so they covered every inch of their body in mechanical plates and put some cloth armor on top of that.

Slowly but surely the ideas of the medieval theme were integrated out and the concept was abstracted more and more to a repeatable minion look. Most of the designed metal parts were made into cloth for budget and man power reasons. It's still all a work in progress that's being worked on continuously whenever the team comes together.

Here you are starting to see the more final designs at the point of when we last stopped. Version 2.0 will be worked on for sure of this design as it is reworked to perfection in both the design and functionality stages. Keep watching us over at for more updates.

Development Team
Creator and Project Director: Josue Rodriguez
Production Manager: Alisha Bacchus
Director's Assistant: Monica Pena
Concept Artist: Colin DeCarmo