The beginning of the Knyto hero started with sketches. A bit of influence from military-like scifi games and movies.
At first we went with the idea of knights(thus the name knyto) mixed with different animals and mythical beasts. Dragons was the first thing we thought of and thus all the teeth on some of these early helmet designs.
From the red helmet we went further, molding the helmet into something more tight fitting and less bulky. The previous sentai shows in Japan often show the characters not taking their helmets off. So hiding seams was a good thing to keep in mind when designing the helmet.
While the helmet was being designed, I also had suit designs going at the same time. It was mostly an idea how royal can we make this armor look. So I went with stars and long lines for that decorated general vibe.

The helmets started to take ideas from the suits as we were positive that the suits were closer to being done than the helmets. Color matching and detailing helped us make helmets customized to the specific suit.

The almost final render for the suits before I left for a job out of the country. I really enjoyed some of the design changes and figuring out the movements inside the suit.

In the end I'm not sure if the suit is totally able to move to the extent we need it. It's a great design, but I may have to change the pelvis area's designs.